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We understand that your non-profit organization is competing with those other 1.4 million for volunteers and donors. Reaching your audiences and dollars, whether it be donors or grants, is never easy. As a non-profit organization, you must achieve the 5 essentials:


Your audiences need to know that your organization exists and they have to know what your mission is. If someone doesn’t know you exist, then they’ll never be able to help you.


This is the educational component. You need to tell your audience what it is you do and how you’re doing it. Knowledge is the key to letting your audiences make informed decisions.


When someone knows who you are and what you do, it’s time to make them fall in love. This is convincing someone that your non-profit organization’s mission is worthy of importance.


Turn someone that’s listening into someone that’s doing. Get them involved in your organization by having them volunteer and be an active member of your activities.


Once someone is involved and they love what you’re doing, develop a long-term relationship with them. This comes in the form of consistent volunteering or donating funds to help your organization. Commitment is the pinnacle, and what Cowley can help you achieve.

ServicesNon-Profit Marketing Materials to Grow Your Organization

We are here to help your non-profit organization develop and spread your messaging to whomever your audience may be. Through our detailed and effective approach, including a comprehensive donor analysis, we utilize industry experts and over 35 years of experience to leverage your non-profit’s brand into your community.

Every service and campaign for your organization is custom from the ground up and outfitted to meet your needs. We work with you and foster a deep relationship so we can develop the most effective materials and strategies that will deliver the best results.

Our Main Services:
  • Non-Profit Capital Campaigns
  • Non-Profit Fundraising
  • Non-Profit Websites
  • Non-Profit Videos
  • Non-Profit Rebrands
  • Non-Profit Marketing Plans
Other Services include, but isn’t limited to:
  • Grant Writing
  • Volunteer Training
  • Public Relations
  • Strategic Planning and Market Research
  • Special Events Management
  • Collateral Materials
  • Billboards and Digital Signage
  • Radio Spots
  • Email Campaigns

To learn more about our services and how they can help your non-profit organization, please contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

Case StudiesOur Non-Profit Success Stories

The Cedars

The Cedars is an award-winning retirement community located in Portland, Maine. They were adding a new assisted-living facility to their campus and needed a capital campaign to achieve this goal. Cowley created the “Completing the Circle” campaign and the tagline, “Your Life, Your Community” to reflect the desire of the senior population to choose what they want and need. With the campaign, the Cedars exceeded their fundraising goal and accentuated awareness to their surrounding community of their organization.

St. James’

St. James’ Episcopal Church is located on the scenic Skaneateles Lake and resides in a beautiful structure built in the 1800’s. They needed a capital campaign to help them raise money to restore the building, enhance their current worship space, fund additional programs, and embrace for the future. Cowley crafted the “Standing Tall” campaign to tell the story of St. James’ rich history within the Skaneateles community. The campaign was launched in 2014 and is currently in progress.

CNY Community Foundation

The CNYCF encourages local philanthropy by supporting the growth of permanent charitable endowments for the betterment of the region. They needed to ensure that the Foundation was perceived as important in the community and to secure ongoing sources of funding. Cowley created a “Where the Smart Money Gives” ad series that ran over several media outlets such as print and billboard. With the campaign, the Foundation saw a fourfold increase in donor-advised funds over the next few months.

Literacy Coalition

The Literacy Coalition is an organization that aims to support community initiatives that raise literacy levels across Onondaga County. They needed a new brand for their organization that was modern and better represented them. Cowley used energetic colors and an icon that represented how the organization was always moving forward. With the newer and stronger brand identity, the Literacy Coalition continues to raise literacy all over Onondaga County.

The JCC In Fund

The Springfield Jewish Community Center is a place for people of all ages to go and be part of a community through physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual aspects. They needed a capital campaign to raise money to further enhance their center. Cowley created the “Are you In?” campaign to help drive home words like involvement and influence, and make a powerful relationship between the JCC and patrons. As a result the Center reached 90% of their goal in only 18 months.

Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family Services was originally founded to supply Jewish immigrants with life’s basic needs, but then wanted to transform into something bigger, which involved new programming and facilities. They needed a campaign to help them launch their entitled “BOLD VISION.” To begin the campaign, Cowley created a dramatic postcard series centered around personal stories and led to a microsite where visitors could get more information about the initiative and read other personal stories.

Friends of the Jewish Chapel

The US Naval Academy donated a piece of land to Friends of the Jewish Chapel overlooking Chesapeake Bay. To honor the gift, the organization built an educational center and synagogue teaching visitors about their history in regards to the Naval Academy. Cowley created the tagline “Our Triumphs Remembered…Our Contributions Celebrated” to succinctly coincide with the mission of the center. Cowley also organized events and parties, as well as printed collateral material for a Center that is still flourishing today.

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